Error - The request could not be completed

Also experiencing the same issue others are reporting. Rachio did not run flex schedule this morning and when I tried to run a manual cycle, I got the error message on the app. If I try to run a manual cycle it says it’s watering but it’s not.

Has anyone has a similar experience before? This is actually my first full day with the Rachio after installing yesterday and just running a quick test cycle. If this is not uncommon I’m really worried about the long term reliability especially if it misses a deep watering day and I don’t notice. Thoughts?

Same here, is this a system outage?

Experiencing the exact same issue. I get the request could not be completed error message after which the app shows the sprinklers running but they actually aren’t.

My guess is the Rachio servers aren’t sending the request down to the our Units. My system just started a zone it shows normally on the app as running, but the sprinklers aren’t running.

I am having same issue, getting the error message that THe request could not be completed, please try again later. I am new, 3 days old to Rachio (Gen 2), is this a normal occurrence?

Same here. Both the app and website sign in show that I am actually watering but nothing is happening with the sprinklers themselves.

I am having the same issue. My flex schedule did not run this morning and when I tried to set the start time later so it would run I got the “Error - the request could not be completed” message.

Does highlight a major design flaw in the system and how dependent we are on Racio and their servers. Can only water manually in 3 minute increments. Not realistic when I have 13 zones.

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same here, flawless until today ;-(

Hope that this will be fixed without requiring physical access to device (for those of us traveling!)

We all are having this same issue. I think there is an issue at Rachio Central

I called there phone tech support

Dumps to voicemail and says they are in winter hours support mode. This contradicts what there web-site says below. You can use manual mode and water a zone for 3 min…this is very disappointing to say the least. Is there a way to water manually for more than 3 min at a time ?

I need help. Can I talk to someone?

You betcha! We have a team of experts standing by. From soil types to router settings to wiring, they’ll help you setup and configure your Iro.

Summer hours (April-September)

Rachio Support is available 8a-7p (MST), 7 days a week.

Winter hours (Oct-March)

Rachio Support is available 9a-6p (MST), Monday through Saturday to help (closed Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years).

Please call 1-844-4-RACHIO (1-844-472-2446). If all team members are assisting other users, you will be asked to leave a message. We return all calls within 24 hours.

I have the same issue. Good to know it’s not my unit but disappointing anyway. I just got mine yesterday and already having issues due to its designed cloud dependency. Err…

Same issue. Rachio you need to get on this…

I tried using the web app. My browser indicates that it’s trying to connect with There are no responses to pings for that address. I expect there is at least one server down.

@franz @emil Experiencing the issue as everyone else Request failed, please check your connection. Schedule did not run today. Manual run not working as well on my Gen 2 model. Gen 1 Iro shows that it watered successfully. Not sure if that info helps in anyway.

I’m getting the exact same error. I put my system on standby mode a while ago before getting repairs done on my irrigation system. Tried to take it off standby mode this morning and now I’m seeing this same error.

Follow Request failed, please check your connection

Issue resolved.