Error connecting with iOS app and updating schedules via browser

Hi All,

I installed a new Rachio-3 two days ago. The install and app setup went smoothly – no issues.

Two days later, I can’t connect to my Rachio-3 via the iOS app. I receive a generic “We had a problem loading your data. Please try again.” message.

I’ve rebooted my Rachio, hard-closed the app, and re-opened it – no change. I have other devices on the same Wi-Fi network, and none have any issues.

I can access my Rachio via my Mac/web browser, but when I attempt to update my schedule, I get “Error updating schedule.”

Are these known issues? An ETA for resolution?

It’s frustrating - my old-school sprinkler system (no Wi-Fi smarts) worked without fail. Two days in, and already problems with my Rachio :frowning:



Having issues tonight also in iOS app

Think their is an issue in rachios side


Yup definitely server side issues. I’ve used them flawlessly for almost 4 years but tonight was a hang up when I tried to manually start a run. Will try again tomorrow morning to see if it will reconnect

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Exactly the same thing! Two days in and now I cannot connect. :frowning:

The support icon no longer shows up either for chatting. It must be an issue on their end. Your the second person to report the issue here besides myself.

All better now this morning - thanks, everyone!

I am still having issues (Tuesday morning) with the iOS app not loading any data (just a blank screen).