Error connecting new unit

Getting an error connecting new unit Rachio 3. During setup it stalls at light 3 and says its not connecting to Rachio Servers. Rebooted twice and went through setup. No Luck

I had to connecting through my 5G wi-fi for it to work.

It is usually best to test your wifi signal strength prior to installing the unit. Not every square inch of a house or yard will warrant prime reception to the Rachio unit.

I minimum of 2 solid bars of wifi signal will get you trouble free connectivity. The newer Gen 3 works on 2.4 and 5G. Just remember: The 2.4 from your wifi gives a better signal farther from the modem whereas the 5G fives the stronger signal closer.

Due to interference and part 15 of the FCC ruling, certain signals will just not make it through all the walls and obstructions in your home or business. A range extender can help with this problem.


WiFi strength was good for the area. The unit didn’t want to connect thorough the 2.4 signal. Once I switched to 5g, it connected right away. Thanks for replying.

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