Erase Watering History?

I had a leak in my system and shut off the water supply, but forgot to turn off the Rachio. My leak was fixed today, but the Rachio “ran” this morning, so my watering schedule is messed up. Is there a way to delete today’s watering, or another way to address this?

Hey @CardFan-

Where are you wanting to delete your watering from, your usage, moisture graphs, or somewhere else? I’m not sure I understand your question and just want to clarify!

McKynzee :rachio:

My lawn needs watering, but my Rachio thinks it just watered it yesterday, so it’s not planning to water again for a few days. How do I fix that?

@CardFan What schedule type do you use? If it is Flex, you can go in and “empty” your zones moisture graphs to reschedule them for tomorrow!

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That’s what I needed. Thank you!

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No problem @CardFan!