Enhancement request - Skip next cycle

I would like you to consider relates to the automatic cycles. I would love to press Skip next cycle, which would obviously bypass the next cycle (regardless of the rain sensor or the weather). This would be particularly useful if I am working on the watering system and don’t want to have to remember to turn on the system if I turned it off.

Hi @Landon6-

Have you tried our Rain Delay feature? This may help with the situation you are referring to!

McKynzee :rachio:

Sorry McKynzee, that won’t address my issue as I would be relying on the weather to turn off the valve.

I want to touch my Rachio app once - to turn off/skip a cycle one time. Right now I need to turn it off permanently and then remember to turn it back on.

The Rain Delay feature actually does not rely on weather like our Rain Skip feature does. You can set Rain Delay for any number of days between 1-7, and we will put a hold on you system for whatever amount of days you select! Regardless, I can see how it would be helpful to select a scheduled run and skip as well.

Interesting. I think this is a nomenclature issue, which could be changed to better reflect the feature.


I use the Rain Delay all the time to push out anything by any number of days. I agree that the name could be a bit confusing

@Landon6 When I started at Rachio, this totally tripped me up. Definitely could use a name change to prevent confusion!

Again, being able to set a delay for HOURS or fractions of hours would be handy in addition to days.