Enhanced watering history feature embedded in calendar for FLEX daily schedule

Franz and team,
I really like your calendar showing when FLEX will water again with the green drops in the day the weather intelligence predicts the need to water. It would be great to enhance the calendar by also showing e.g. a blue drop on the days in the past when I actually irrigated (by schedule or manually).

Currently, when I click on a past date, the complete water history comes up. (In my case this is quite cumbersome, since as I shared in another post, my flex cycling event seems to get broken down in 99 individually reported watering periods).

My suggestion:

  • link all watering events to the date on calendar (data is available from watering history), so that when you click on a blue historical drop, only the watering history for that date comes up. The zone charts only let me click to the most recent watering event.
  • since watering is recorded by zone, create a drop down button on the calendar, which e.g. can show all watering events (past and future) for any zone, or any combination of zones, including all. This way we could explore the life of a zone, as I expect them to behave differently through e.g. a heat wave.
  • create an export function to excel by zone and watering time. If I understand the system correctly, it currently gives time and gallons for the day for all zones. All underlying detail data seems to exist.

If easier, or more logically for how most people use the system, I could also see this functionality being built into the zone charts to the right of the calendar.

The reason I would love to have the actual data by zone is to compare my overall water usage of a given zone over a season, driving potential adjustments to the physical setup of my nozzles based on how healthy the drier parts of the zone look when trying to minimize overall watering.

Hopefully this all makes sense - I admit I always have a craving for data to base decisions on, even if it is just to water my backyard. So your system is a dream come true for me, it’s a fully integrated environmental science project!
Cheers, Heiri