Ending before specific time

I have only one schedule, which is a Flex Daily Schedule one. I want to understand why if setting the time it runs to Ending before say 6 am, or sunrise, it is started way sooner than it should, ending up sooner than what is specified. For example, I’m setting it to finish at 6, and some days it finished at 4:30, some others at 4:15, I cannot understand the pattern (this is looking at the schedule view for future runs, not the historic ones).

Can someone please shed some light? I don’t want it to run so early at night, in order to prevent any mold issues. Regardless of that, I’d like it to be predictable. :slight_smile:


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@coyote77 This should shed some light on your question. Sorry it isn’t more intuitive.


Since it’s very rare that all my lawn zones run on the same day, I looked at what a normal duration is, and set up my start time to accommodate for that. In my case, I start it at 4:30am, and if occasionally it runs until 8am, I don’t care. It still finished up early in the morning.


Thank you. Do you have any plans on actually making the code changes to make it work as expected? I love Rachio, and it’s really smart, but the way this is implemented is counter intuitive and there’s really no work around for it.

It looks like with some code refactoring this shouldn’t be hard to accomplish… anyway, really looking forward to have this fixed and worked as intended, and I’m sure I’m not the only one…

Thank you!

At this point any reasonable person would have to seriously doubt Rachio has any intention of resolving this. It seems more likely that they will remove or rename the feature.