End of Season Questions

As the weather is cooling now that is fall will the seasonal changes update the frequency of watering? Currently it is watering every other day. Curious if it will change to every two days or if it will just decrease watering times. Also I generally turn off the system and blow out the lines around the end of October. Will Rachio decide if is the end of the season or do I still have to make that call?

@Kramlegan‌ We want to build frequency modification, but do not have it yet. So for now you have to manually modify the days. You still have to make the call for ‘end-of-season’. We are releasing our new water budgeting sometime this week or next, which won’t really help your situation for this year, but next year you will essentially have a seasonal trendline, and I expect that to get close to zero around October, so you will see the minutes smoothly trending downwards to zero. Hope this helps and thanks for the feedback. Let us know if you have any more questions!

Will this trending reduce the frequency or duration? I suspect we don’t want to modify the duration as watering deeply still applies.

I have also spoken with the landscaper who has planted my beds over the last couple of years. He has suggested that watering as late into the fall as possible helps protect plant material through the winter in case of an early thaw. I did find that to be helpful this year as we had such as situation of an early warm up (before irrigation systems are turned back on) and later refreeze. I tend to not have my system winterized until early November albeit watering far less frequently. This is also dependent on the weather pattern.