End Date, No Years Please

Please add a way to set no end date year for schedules. Seems to work for start dates just fine. Super frustrating that this has been asked for since at least 2015 and seems like this would be such a critical feature for people in strict water areas which is one of the main reasons we have these smart timers in the first place. Please bump request up on the requested feature list soon, I really don’t want to look for something else that will preform such a simple task as everything else works really great with the system. Thanks for the consideration


Try defining a new schedule. I just did a test, and the ability to have an end date of “never” is still there. All my schedules, with the exception of my overseeding schedules (which have end dates on purpose) are all set as never.

Disable your old schedule, define the new schedule, enable it, and then you can delete the old schedule and you should be good to go.

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Thanks for the reply Linn.

We have Never as an option too, but that is not what we need. We need to be able to set 2 schedules that can stop and start up every year on their own per our local ordinance.

Summer schedule runs from April thru Oct only allows watering on Tues, Thurs Sat from 6:00p - 9:00a
Winter schedule runs from Nov thru March only allows watering on Sat. 6:00p - 9:00a

Here is what the schedules currently do with the year end dates set.

  • The current running Summer schedule started April 1st and is set to end on October 31st 2019.
  • Winter schedule is set to start on Nov 1st 2019 and end March 31st 2020.

When April 1st 2020 rolls around, if we don’t remember to change the Summer schedule’s end dates to the next year 2020, we risk our grass and plants being toasted if we have a hot spring.

If we set the Summer end date to Never, then we risk forgetting to shut off the schedule when the Winter schedule starts and getting fined for over watering.

Here is could be done if there was no year for the end date.

  • The current running Summer schedule started April 1st and would end on Oct 31st.
  • Winter schedule would start on Nov 1st and end March 31st.
  • Summer schedule would restart on it’s own on April 1st and end on Oct 31st next year.
  • Winter schedule would restart on it’s own on Nov 1st and end on March 31st next year
    and continue on this cycle every year as it should.

I know I can add reminders outside the app to remember to manually enable and disable schedules or change the years, but these are supposed to be smart devices and the coding to look at the current enabled schedule’s dates without the year and just compare the month values really should be trivial to add in. I am just amazed it is not asked for a lot more since it required in most of the western / south western states these days for water conservation.

Thanks for your time and reply again Linn, it is truly appreciated. :slight_smile:


Oh. NOW I understand what you are asking for.

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