End by sunrise completes starts at 2am for 1 hour?

I agree that it might be nice if the app did that automatically, but in the meantime, you can go into your schedule, go to water duration, and then you can move around the order that you want the zones to be watered in that schedule. In my mind, not the most intuitive place to have this feature, but at least it can be done manually.

seeing the same as everyone else with start times
any update on this issue ??

or has anyone done anything different to overcome this ??
my start time is like 10:15pm on the wrong day

i also moved my 2 zones that soak to the top, but it would be nice if it went back to them between other zones, so i don’t have the 1/2 hr wait time twice when they could be staggered in the rest of the schedule (hope that makes sense)

No fixes, only work around is to use the controller as a dumb controller. Set a start time rather than end by.

@franz was very fast to respond initially but i think he quickly realized how unhelpful his linked response was, since all it did was show that he stated he was going to task his team with working on it, over a year ago, yet the problem still exists.

Looks like he is dodging this thread now as i have quoted him multiple times.

shoot…, thanks for the update.