Email / Push notify

Today June 21st my R3 controller did not notify me of the scheduled run . I checked the history and it did go thru it’s cycle but never sent that info as an email or push notification

any suggestions?

What OS? Is there a chance that you muted notifications by accident?

Also, I suppose this could be a carryover from the outage yesterday…

iOS 15.5
Notifications look ok
Didn’t know there was an a outage …I’ll check tomorrow as I have it scheduled again
This is my first few months with Rachio


Yes, there was a short outage yesterday that affected access to the app or web. I have no idea if it was related, but there was a MAJOR outage with Cloudfare yesterday, and with the internet being so intertangled, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the cause…Schedules and everything ran as normal, but a missed push notification could be fallout from yesterday.

Thanks for the info . It’s great knowing questions get answered in a timely fashion . It’s only been a few months but I’m really impressed with the R3 . We have a new home with 12000 sq feet of lawn / bushes . I replaced the Hunter that the builder installed and the R3 is amazingly easy to use from my phone without fumbling with s box in the garage .
Thanks again - Steve