Effect of 2.6 Update?

So my Watering Schedule is showing the green drop as if Flex was supposed to water today. The Moisture Levels are showing as if it Ran Flex today. However, I know for a fact it didn’t water before I left for work this morning, the watering history and Online status both show that it last watered on Wednesday. It happened to both my Gen 2 and Gen 1 units that are both on my account. Should I empty the Moisture Levels of the zones or try something else?

Can you post your moisture graph?

There is an odd interaction where the calendar thinks flex is going to run because it was predicted to run, but due to mad being within tolerance it delays for another day.

One thing to keep in mind with flex, it’s completely reactive, they try to expose it’s behavior with regressions but sometimes those are wrong, just like weather forecasts (as forecasts are used).

So, it seems to have corrected itself @plainsane which I don’t believe i have ever seen this before but on the Moisture graph the rain drop for yesterday’s supposed watering is no longer there and it doesn’t show that it Ran Flex yesterday and this morning my sprinklers did water which you can see in my previous pic wasn’t scheduled for today. Here is a pic of the moisture graph now that it’s corrected itself:

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