Edit zones in a schedule

It appears I cannot edit the zones in an existing schedule I have created. If I want to change the zones (not the duration but which zones actually are in the schedule) I have to create a whole new schedule. This is on the iOS app and the web.

Flex or wan?

If wa, yes, you have to trash the schedule and start all over again.

If flex, you can bring up the zones menu and add or remove.

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I have deleted all flex schedules as they are no longer supported, and so these were all setup with the new version of the app, I created the schedules today actually…

@murph2481 I apoligize if we’ve created confusion. Flex schedules will be fully re-introduced in our next software release, the community has spoken.

Here is some more information on the topic. Please let me know if you have any other questions or feedback.

For now you can re-create the flex schedules at https://flex-app.rach.io if you feel the other schedule types won’t work for you.

@franz So I am alright with the flex coming back, but my question was why can I not fully edit a schedule from the web or from the iOS device. I cannot change what zones are included in a schedule and I cannot change the frequency of watering (I cannot change from specific days to interval days for example) The only way to manage that change is to create a whole new schedule.

@murph2481 Yes that was a product decision, big back story but we ended up with that. I’ll let @benblackmer or @brad speak more on the topic if they want to add.