Edit Custom nozzle

Ok, I’m setting up custom nozzles. But I can’t modify the name or delete unused custom nozzles. I want to modify the name based on flow rate so I can easily reuse these custom settings. I’m knowledgeable with SQL. I assume there’s a db here somewhere. How can I modify or delete these custom nozzles?

you can do these modifications for sure in the ios app, i don’t think you can on the web app and i’ve never used the android app

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This feature is only available on mobile! If you go to the top left menu, you will see the custom nozzles option. If you select that, you can edit your nozzles from there, and you can also delete but swiping them to the right. I hope that helps!

McKynzee :rachio:

Maybe app has changed a lot since Jun 17, but I don’t see any options anywhere like that on OSX app. Is custom nozzle gone now replaced with advanced page?