Early experience with Flex

I have to say Monday turning on flex was really a leap of faith. So much doubt, why don’t I see a regular watering schedules, etc… But each day there has been intermittent rain here in New England and watching the watering schedule be pushed back daily has been a thing of beauty. The moisture level graph on the webapp is awesome! (you need to add it to the iPhone app). As an aside, you guys should try to predict the water saving with flex. Right now I have 0 gallons saved, but clearly with each of the delays in watering I’m saving gallons.

You guys have done a great job with this - congrats! And you probably don’t hear it enough, but thanks for being so available on the forums.


Thanks, we definitely are looking for feedback on improvements, and will be incorporating flex water savings. Don’t want to rest until they are working for the majority of people. I’m certain they won’t work for everybody.

Very soon Webapp will have future soil moisture levels in the graph, and we will be incorporating them into mobile as a fancy webview :wink:

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I’d like to second GutpaK’s comments… still getting used to flex schedules (for instance, my backyard zones which are loam soil seem to keep adding and removing from the calendar - not sure if the logic is changing or something else)…

This is exactly what I had in mind when I bought the Iro!

Nicely done!

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Flex scheduling is a great feature, but will not be for everyone. I was one of many Beta testers for 2.0 and used Flex scheduling on my back yard. Though it worked as I thought it should, ultimately I switched back to Fixed watering once the launch occurred.

The primary reason for me switching back was Flex didn’t water enough (a third of Fixed) to dilute my dog’s urine, and I was beginning to see brown patches in the lawn. If it wasn’t for this occurring, I would probably would be using Flex.

Again, this was a personal choice, and I know that there will be many users that will benefit from the Flex feature. It’s worth trying and making the decision for yourself.

Regardless of using Flex or Fixed, I’m still saving lots of water compared to my old Hunter controller. Thanks for a great product and support.

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yep, filing for tax exemption status. going to start my new religion, unorthodox water savings of rachio saints.

I sense a new feature :wink:



Ifttt and a motion sensor ought to take care of that :slight_smile:

Targeted watering, love it!

this is what i was thinkging about.

I’d vote up this feature! I’m about add a short fixed daily to our backyard because I’m getting spotting in the new Bermuda sod from the pup.