Earlier Notification About Upcoming Watering Schedule


I’d like to be notified earlier about an upcoming watering event. My sprinklers are set to be available starting at 11p and i get notified shortly before they begin and more times than not, i’m already asleep! Our trash can is next to a sprinkler head an i need to move it in advance as to not block the spray.


Hey @G8T0R-

How much earlier would you like to be notified?

McKynzee :rachio:


I’d like it to be adjustable, but that may be asking a little much. :slight_smile:

At least 6 hours. Or, if it could populate in my Google calendar with a notification/alert, that’d be cool!


Great! I think adjustable would be ideal too :slight_smile: Thanks for the extra details!


Just checking in! :slight_smile:


Hey @G8T0R!

Can’t give any details on the roadmap, but I will say that this is a fairly popular request. Are you a part of our Yard Geeks program? This is the best way to stay ahead of the curve on all new things Rachio :cheers:

McKynzee :rachio:


Nice! And no worries on the road map. Knowing it may be included is enough! :slight_smile: What is this “Yard Geeks” program you speak of? I’d love to know more!


Yard Geeks is our user testing group! You can sign up here :slight_smile: