Eager to use my new Rachio controller

@aviation76 Bravo, our first meme! Love it :smiley:

It’s been great Spring conditions in CO, probably won’t start watering for another week or two.


Hi Franz,

I purchased the unit a month ago and still waiting to use it. It’s been a soggy Spring here in North Texas. I am sure I will have plenty of chances to use it this summer with our famous Texas heat:)

Cheers to creating a wonderful product!

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Heck, I’ve been watering for the past month because of my over seeding. Our lawn is darn nice and green! The Iro will definitely halt the watering and keep the schedule if no rain.

So cool!

Haha I am in the same boat! It has been sitting on my coffee table for a week now, between the recent rain and waiting on the exterior enclosure I have yet to be able to use mine!

It’s supposed to rain the rest of the week in CO, so I might be pushing my sprinklers another 2-3 weeks :wink: