During initial setup two zones run at same time

I’m part way through setting up 14 zones on my 16 zone Rachio 3 and ran into a very confusing issue. Everything was going well through Zone 7. Then when I began the setup for Zone 8 and went to test the Zone it started but also Zone 6 started as well. So turning on Zone 8 turned on both Zones 8 and 6. Confusing. So I tried to set up Zone 9. Started the test run of Zone 9 and again both Zone 9 and Zone 6 started. I stopped at this point. There is only one zone wire per controller zone insert.

My conclusion is that either I have a faulty controller or that it may need a reset since it appears for some of the Zones to activate more than the desired Zone.

Need some help here.


@edwardmasi - if you have a master valve in the system, Zone 6’s valve may be stuck open. Check to see if there is debris in the diaphragm or if it solenoid is not screwed in all the way or the bleed screw is open. If zone 6 is disconnected from the Rachio and still runs when another zone is run, then the valve is stuck open. One other thing to check is to make sure that solenoid is an AC powered and not DC powered solenoid - they stick open when AC current is used.

Thanks for the quick response. The controller I replaced, weathermatic proline, had a master valve wire which I moved over to the Rachio 3 but I didn’t check to see if Zone 6 was working properly before the change over. It will take me a little time to locate this but I’ll provide an update.

As a follow up, if Zone 6 valve is open wouldn’t this zone run when any other zones were running?

Yup, this is the problem. Kudos to you DLane!