Duration override resets when I hit done


When editing my Flex Daily Schedules, I find in both the Android App and on the website, often when I change the run duration for one of my zones, it will reset back to the original value when I hit done. It seems completely random. Its especially frustrating when setting up tree drip irrigation schedules as they default to something in the order of 4 hrs, so it takes FOREVER to reduce the duration to something reasonable.



I’ll have our Android engineering team review this for you.




The team was unable to replicate this issue on your account. Can you please let us know if you experience this again? We will further review.




Its pretty consistent.

Here’s a video of it occurring. Today when using the web client it seem it happens every second attempt. In this video, I am able to successfully edit the duration, but when I go back and edit it again, it resets back to the original value.



Oh wow, thanks for the video. I’ll have the team dig further into this.



No problem. As I said, I’ve seen this on the web and on the Android app, so it feels like its a server-side issue of some kind rather than a client issue (unless the android app is just a webview showing the online site. :slight_smile: ).


The server side team has taken offense to this :wink:



Blame the hardware team then? Its ALWAYS the hardware’s fault :wink:


I like your style. @Devin we have a hardware problem.