DURATION in Flex Daily Schedule - Help Needed

Hi all,

I have changed the root depth of my zones and the moisture level increased but the duration of watering stayed at the same previous amount. I thought that the duration would change dynamically. I was previously watering for 20mins for 15cm root depth. I changed the root depth to 8cm and it still said 20mins.

Should I have waited longer for it to calculate ?

I deleted a schedule and re-entered it. But of course, during the recreation, the Duration screen came up, and all values were Zero secs, and I had to select a duration - which made no sense.

Please help me.

Yes, changing root depth from 15 cm to 8 cm definitely should have about halved the duration of watering. Perhaps the screen did not update right away? Refreshing the screen usually recalculates the schedule times. Check dates further into the future to see if they are the same.

And it makes no sense that times were zero with the new schedule - although, as you’re using Flex Daily, it is impossible to have more than one Flex Daily schedule operate any zone, so make sure any other schedules you may have created are disabled if not deleted.

I have deleted ALL schedules. At the suggestion of Rachio Support, I have reset EVERY zone to Defaults. I have tried just creating a schedule for one single zone, but it still calculates as Zero seconds. I created a Flex Monthly schedule and went down through all setup screens until the duration and it calculated 10 mins each zone. I then went backward to the beginning of schedule creation and selected Flex Daily and went through all screen again to the Duration setup screen, and it had 10 mins for each zone. It certainly still seems like a Flex Monthly setup rather than a Flex Daily. 10 mins per zone seems excessive, when I know, when first experimenting, I could setup different parameters for zone and it created different timings for each zone.

I’m not sure what I can do next. Realistically, I need to be able to do a factory reset and to start again.