Dropping wi-fi connection on mixed 2.4; 5Ghz router

5 GHZ is a nice to have but it gave me nothing but grief before I even had the IRO so I switched it off long ago. It wasn’t worth the hassle given it’s short range and ‘n’ speeds twice that of my Comcast 50 MBPs.

On my Linksys router (EA6900) I am able to give the same SSID name and password to both the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz network (basically link them together)…that way I think the device just automatically connects to the network with the best/strongest signal???

I have an E3000 also but have beat my head bloody on the desk trying to get it to connect at all. Firewall is OFF, 5G is disabled. MAC filter is off because i have no idea what the MAC address even is yet. I hate to take this thing back to the store but with 25+ year exp with networks…and i cant get it to work really sucks :frowning:

After 4 hours of trying i give up. I even tried 5 different devices apple and android. I can never get past flashing red.

I have even completely removed the wifi password and i still can not connect with the base sitting right next to the router.

Can anyone give me a clue as to what client name I should be looking for on the router?

Can the issue be I am not using 192.x?

I changed from 172.x to 192.x but still have the same results.

OK, I broke down and called support. Very nice people! They think it’s the sensor in front not working and are sending me a new face plate over-night. Can you say great customer service!?

Xelrash - Glad to hear the support was so helpful and Rachio is assisting with a replacement. Sorry to hear you may have got a B/O product out of the box. When you do blink up, your Iro will show up on your network as an ‘electric imp’ manufacturer. Best of luck!

I just wanted to come back and let everyone know that the issue was the panel.
I was able to get everything setup in a flash once the new panel arrived today.
In the first ten minutes I already determined that I would never again be able to live without Iro!

@Xelrash‌ we’re sorry for your initial setup frustrations. We’re glad we could fix things for you and win you over.

Now we need to continue to win you over with new and improved features all summer long.

I will be “showing off” to my neighbors :slight_smile:

@Chris - i bought my 16 zone unit a month or so ago but just around to setting it up yesterday. I have also come to the realization that there is something wrong with the photo cell. I spoke to support last night. They confirmed this and said I would receive an email today with replacement information. I am on hold to support now as I haven’t seen any confirmation of the replacement being shipped overnight today. Hopefully that is the intent.

Was there a problem with early releases of the photo cells?

@SteinyD‌ I see your confirmation number and you will be receiving your unit tomorrow. You should get an email shortly, if support hasn’t already given it to you.

We have seen a limited number of photo sensors that have appeared to be chipped by our plastic. We have resolved the issue and have worked hard to satisfy every customer that has received one of these units. We’re looking forward to getting you your new unit and making you a satisfied customer as well.

@Chris - thank you. I didn’t get the email yet but I was assured by Customer Service that it was going out today and I’ll see an email as soon as the tracking information is provided. Customer Service last night and today were very friendly, had the right answers and / or promised to get them. I’d give them **** out of ****. :slight_smile:

@SteinyD‌ Awesome. Glad they were very helpful!

@chris‌ - just received my replacement unit today as promised! I took the faceplate out of the box and completed the blink up process in 30 seconds. All done and resolved. Please confirm that the ‘intelligence’ is in the faceplate and there is no reason for me to dismount / unwire the back plate for replacement as well?

@SteinyD‌ Yep, you have all you need in the faceplate - not need to remove the wallplate.