Dropcam/camera integration?

Hey guys,

It would be cool to add in some type of camera integration like dropcam (since it’s a works with nest product also). I was thinking i wold allow you to view what is going on when you are remote and you could record images of your lawn/gardens over time so you can see how your plants did in previous years compared to water usage.

what do you think?

Hey @thepro8,

Thanks for reaching out. That sounds like an awesome idea! I’ll share this idea with the software team, but love how you’re thinking. Maybe it could trigger the sprinklers based off of motion too :wink:

Best, Emil

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@emil that would be hilarious lol

Not positive but if you use Wink, both Dropcam and Iro’s are integrated within that. Maybe some type of trigger and action can be setup within that?

@jeremyshultz and @thepro8, good morning!

I forgot to share, but I was able to setup a recipe on IFTTT for this :smile:

We have one user that has it setup to keep geese off of his lawn. Seems to be working pretty well. The only issue he’s encountered is that he has multiple Dropcams on his property, which causes some confusion with this recipe as it’s written to pull copy from the body of the email Dropcam sends. I haven’t had a chance to play with it anymore to see if there’s a way to setup the recipe to pull by camera. Maybe one of you can help if it’s a use case to you?

Here’s the recipe: https://ifttt.com/recipes/283306-squirrels-beware-motion-activated-sprinklers

Best, Emil

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lol amazing.