Drop Rachio server requirement, please

I would like to have the ability to control my irrigation system without having to utilize the Rachio server. Please consider this modification in the near future.


For Flex-type schedules, I thought the server does all of the gathering of the weather, figures out the ET/computes the moisture balance, etc.

Are you asking to be able to create just timer-based schedules without the need for the server?

Yes. I’d like to be able to control my system without using Rachio’s server.

That would pretty much defeat the entire purpose of the product.

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To each his own, I suppose. Dependency on a company’s website to be able to water my yard is absurd. What happens when Rachio’s server is down? I’d like an option to not have to depend on their server.

The option would be don’t buy the product. That’s what the Rachio is all about.

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We do have local control on our roadmap (all firmware changes). Obviously you wouldn’t get the weather intelligence if you were disconnected from the internet, but we would allow simple zone running and schedule setting. No time frame, but we want to implement this at some point.