Dripper lines

Just purchased my unit and can’t find ‘dripper lines’ in the type of sprinklers to use.
In Australia these are very common and in fact required in several states.
Am I missing something or should I be surprised there is no support for these?
I should be able to specify the 3 litre/hour per dripper (per foot of line) straight from the menu.

@Jammit, we support three types of “dripper” lines – please refer to this support article for more details. I assume you probably have “emitters”

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Emil.
The dripper lines are close to emitters - but are rated at 3 liters per hour and spaced at 1 foot intervals. I have attached a photo.
I’m not sure how to set these up with rachio - it seems the system wants inches per hour.

Try this calculator:
I put in 3Lph and 1ft spacing between emitters and between drip lines and it calculated 1.271 in/hr.


thanks for the pointer to the calculator.
To get an inches per hour calculation, requires an assumption that the dripper lines are spaced a uniform distance apart.

In my case I run the dripper lines where the plants are and there is no pattern or uniform distance, and no uniform application of water across the zone.

How critical is this assumption to the way richio operates?

The only input that is accurate is that the dripper delivers 3liters per hour in the immediate area of the dripper.

Perhaps I am missing something, but how do I set this up correctly in rachio?

@Jammit, if they are just where a plant is, you can try this calculator: