Drawing Zones in the Web app

Is there a way to do the zone drawing and sprinkler head placment on the web app?

I’m having difficulty getting my sprinklers placed accurately enough for my liking on the phone. I have multiple low flow sprinklers close together in several places. It does not really allow for that.

I’m hoping it will let me do this if I zoom the web page of the web app and used the mouse…

Thanks if this can be added, or if someone can point out to me how to do this.

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I think this is a good idea, but realize that placing the sprinkler heads is for your benefit only, and not used by the program in any way (not even the number of heads - only the type). The most important application of this app is to easily calculate areas for your zones.

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Yes but I want the map for the wife to know where they are…

Yeah, that makes sense. Good idea.