Drag and Drop - Zone Ordering

I can see wanting the randomness but there’s something “connected” about knowing which zone is which wire! After all, you kind of need to know if you want to turn one particular zone on or are doing some “debugging” / fault finding. Yes to the idea that you can change the order on automatic-overide though. Although as I understand it, in the “AUTOMATIC WEATHER” mode and with it knowing soil/slope, it will water in the order/duration it seems fit… After all “water rolls down-hill” :wink:

I would agree with David. After you have connected wires and “tested” and named all zones as part of the setup process you should be able to re-arrange them logically in the app rather than re-wiring the Iro. This would be an awesome feature to have!

Hi all,

This will be available in our next release. We are submitting today.