Double calcuation?

Here’s my scenario, Flex will skip the cycle if the temperature is below freezing at the selected weather station, about a mile away. However, it is above freezing here. I bump the scheduled time ahead an hour+ so the Iro won’t do its thing until above freezing at the observation station (Which seems to be updated very infrequently by the app). The question is, what would happen if the Iro does its morning calculation (I forget to bump the schedule up) then I push the scheduled cycle out an hour+. Will Iro do a 2nd calculation, and correctly, or become confused?

Of course none of this would be necessary if one could modify the freeze skip parameter within Flex. Hint!

My head hurts. It depends when you pushed the schedule up, and if it was before the next cycle where we determine if the flex schedule should run or not. At some point I want to expose the freeze skip toggle for flex.


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