Don't have a flow sensor yet..but

I had an idea to tweak my head settings!

I do have a separate water meter for my irrigation.

If I run the controller on a zone for 5 minutes and note the before and after reading on the meter, can I use that to tweak the flow rate?

I like this idea… or some wireless optical reader to use the spinner on those in line water meter to generate usage data and send to the box. (yours is easier!)

@franz does this seem a logical 1 time exercise? I am just not sure how to do the calculations to come up with logical #'s

@ghctim That is great idea. That is what I did.:slight_smile:
Please check this link: Precipitation rate given gallons per hour data for a zone
Once you take readings, you can enter the information in an excel sheet like this one to calculate precipitation rates. Then create custom nozzles for each zone and assign those nozzles to respective zones.

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@ghctim Like @Videoguy mentioned, this should work. The only thing you won’t get is efficiency (distribution uniformity), but the default values we have chosen for each nozzle type should be close enough.


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You guys are awesome! Thank you @Videoguy ! Now I just have to do this and I guess my SQFT need to be tweaked more too…they were a little bit of a guess…