Doing a manual run, the stop button isn't there IOS

I am running the latest IOS version of the Rachio app. (updated a few days ago). Now when I do a manual run of a zone, the “Stop” button MAY not be there. Sometimes I have to hit “Run Now” several times before it will show up. What can I do?

Hi jeffleusch,

Thank you for reaching out. I’m sorry to hear that your iOS app is not showing a Stop Button. Our latest version is 2.6.1 which was released 4 days ago. This release has fixed the Stop Button from not showing up. Could you check your app and make sure it’s 2.6.1, and that you have also restarted your iOS device recently? This will help the app refresh as well. If you’re still experiencing issues, could you please send a note to our support team at including screenshots of your version and your stop button not populating?

Thank you!

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Rebooting the device helped. Thank you.