Does this work with drip irragtion

not sure, trying to figure this out

Yea I’ve got some drip emitters in our garden area and you just put in the precip rate and the area’s and all works to plan.

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It definitely works, but if you’re like me you’ll find it’s challenging when you try to convert GPH to in/hr. This link might help.

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Yeah, there’s no problem with using Rachio and drip irrigation. Just make sure you set the zone attributes up as close as possible to the drip system specs.

Here are some articles from our support site that might help:

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What are advanced zone settings?
How do I set up my zones?
What type of nozzle do I have?
How do I create a custom nozzle?
Precipitation rate calculator

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For what it’s worth, I caution against the use of the ‘Precipitation rate calculator’ above. It assumes an area of 1 sq.ft. for each drip emitter and I leads to under-watering your vegetation. I tried using that method and it was frustratingly wrong. It’s actually the reason that I created the drip calculator I posted above.

No offense to anyone, but there have been a lot of people that have had a lot of issues with setting up drip due to the 1 sq.ft. assumption.

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@azdavidr Thank you for the feedback! I’ll make sure we look into this further.


There’s a long sordid history. Some of it can be found in the thread where the calculator was being developed. Other threads have people that tried the link you mentioned and they ended up having problems.