Does the controller algorithm factor in the hot weather?

The east coast is experiencing some prolonged hot weather? Does the soil absorption algorithm factor the hot weather and adjust the need for water accordingly? The controller skips watering on some really hot days


What schedule type are you using?


I am using both - flexible and fixed.

I am using flexible on one of my zones and fixed on the other zones.

In both cases it skips schedules due to rain, but the concern is that the flexible schedule (and I believe the fixed one as well), skip schedules based on “there is enough water in the lawn, it is still drying out”. The temperature in the last 3 days has been 95+ degrees.

In the attached image - zone 3 is on a flexible schedule, all others are fixed.


For the fixed schedule if climate skip is too aggressive you can turn off that one feature.

You will still get the benefits of rain skip and seasonal shift (adjusted minutes per month).

For the flexible daily schedule it tracks soil moisture levels and will adjust accordingly, although it might need some fine tuning based on your experience.

This article helps explain how to make flex daily adjustments.

If you have any other questions please let us know. Thanks!