Does Rain Skip look beyond today's weather?

Here is a scenario. Iro is scheduled to run today however tomorrow calls for heavy showers in the late afternoon/evening. I would expect to skip this run because of tomorrow’s rain. Does this happen with Rain Skip?

I read ‘future 24 hours’ in the Rain Skip FAQ as ‘Up to 24 hours from the weather intelligence check’. This makes me think Iro would not register tomorrow night’s heavy rain (coming 34 hours later) and run. Is that right? ?

Forecasted Weather Example:

  • May 1st Midnight - May 2nd 3pm - No Rain
  • May 2nd 3:30pm Heavy Rain

My guess at what happens:

May 1st - 5am scheduled time

  • 4am Weather Intelligence check
  • No rain detected between May 1st 4am - May 2nd 4am. (24 hour window) Run
  • 4pm heavy rains

May 2nd - 5am scheduled time

  • 4am Weather Intelligence check
  • Zone levels look full - schedule not run

Yes. Here is more information regarding that functionality.

This just means the forecast for tomorrow. So in your example it should get caught.

Hours might be misleading, everything is built off of days.


Wow! Answering questions at all hours of the evening! Looks like I got caught being too literal. Thanks for clearing things up.

@franz One more question about Rain Skip and Weather Intelligence. Is it automatically part of Flex? I ask because I don’t see ‘Weather Intelligence’ when I edit my Flex schedule. I swear I saw it before, but I was using an interval first and it’s possible my memory is confusing the two.

@Raki Yes, all of that is incorporated into flex by tracking real time moisture levels.


That makes total sense. Thanks!