Does Rachio Know When Bermuda is Dormant?

In many areas of the country, bermudagrass goes dormant during the winter. The daily water requirement is 0.02 inch per day during January. With no precipitation there is a need for a total of .6 inch for the month. Does Rachio know this, or does it assume bermuda is actively growing. Perhaps there is a need for a winter watering setting for dormant landscapes.

I have a section of my yard that I didn’t overseed. I just took it out of the schedule and figure I would water it from time to time when I remember…

Yeah, that is what I do, too. It works fine.

My recent enhancement to implement ‘no watering if outside temp, measured at my home, is below 45 degrees F, at 10 AM,’ worked very well for the Dallas climate. I went about a month just dependent on weather caused watering, with no sprinkler system usage.

See - I only used the system 5 hours in Dec., a monthly low for me in the Dallas climate.

All ‘hands free.’ Just sitting back and expecting my Iro2 to appropriately adjust to season and conditions without manual intervention. So far so good.

Remember I’m running ‘full auto’ (flex daily) 7x24x365, all in one ‘schedule.’ My objective is to run with the Iro2 with no need for occasional adjustments.

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