Does nozzle choice assume some number of nozzles in zone?


Forgive me if this has been answered. I’ve been digging through the support community info for a couple of hours and have just become more confused on this as I go.

I have all fixed-spray head nozzles in my yard.
My question is, when I configure a zone and I choose a ‘Fixed Spray Head’ (1.5 in/hr) as the primary nozzle type for a zone, do the watering calculations assume there is ‘1’ spray head in the zone?

If I understand correctly, if I have a zone with 6 spray-heads, this would deliver 9 in/hr (1.5in/hr x 6 spray heads) and would lead to a smaller watering time.

Should I create a custom nozzle with 9 in/hr to account for multiple spray heads in a zone?

I understand the Precip rate formula PR = (96.25 x GPM)/ square feet

I understand that the GPM calculation here includes the GPM of all heads in the zone (so, for example, 1 GPM per head x 6 heads would be 6 GPM in the PR formula).

But I don’t understand if the Iro is assuming one head or some default number of heads or what in each zone (or do the number of heads somehow not matter in the calculation)?


well, because you are computing the percip rate, it doesnt matter. you tell iro the percip rate, not the flow rate nor the number of heads.

so once you calc the percip rate, you create a custom nozzle with your computed percip rate.

This is a great resource for determining your precip rate if you want to use catch cups (cheaper?)


Feature request:
Can you folks help us by implementing the # of nozzles as another variable?
For some of us determining the precip rate or catch cups is a challenge or time consuming.
We could get this up to speed much faster by just knowing the number of
nozzles, type of nozzles and maybe the area.
We could then refine it all from there after we get a few weeks of experience
with all this.

Plus not all landscape designs have the same number of nozzles for a given area.

Otherwise, keep up your good work. I see lots of potential with this.
Rachio Gen2

the setup on this was otherwise a bit daunting, causing one of my neighbors to steer away as too complicated for him to set up.