Does Netatmo as PWS require constant computer connection?

Hey all, I just joined the Rachio universe last week after finding a unit at HD for a killer deal. I’m enjoying it so far, trying to find the right mix of settings for a over-planted house in the drought-stricken southwest. It’s not easy but I know Rachio will help me! :smile:

Anyway, after reading some discussions on here and pws, I’m adding a netatmo to my setup this week. I’ve already done most of the steps in the online rachio support article about setting up the netatmo, but got to wondering, do I need a computer that is always online in order for the netatmo and meteoware to communicate and send data to my pws “station”? I’m hoping the answer is no, as I only have a laptop that goes to work with me everyday, but suspect it might be yes. If so, anyone know if I could use my diskstation server to work this, or maybe pick up a rasberry pi that would do this?



No, you don’t need a computer at all. The Netatmo just transfers data to your “station” via WIFI. So, as long as it is connected to your wifi network and maintains an internet connection it will transmit the data.

Couple other notes, according to their tech support:

  1. If you lose internet connection the base station saves the data and will transmit the information once your internet connection is restored.

  2. If you lose power to the base station you will lose data until power is restored.

I really wish they had a built in battery backup for this, as I don’t want to lose precipitation data from my rain gauge during storms, which is when it is most likely to lose your power. As a result though, I am contemplating buying a UPS to try to prevent data loss during power outages.

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