Does multiple flex schedules make sense?

Just looking for some insight here in my thinking:

I have 7 zones and about 1.5 acre lot. My thought with having two different flex schedules is two fold:

Lessen the load on my well.

Shorten the watering time if days can be alternating.

I don’t know if the Iro is “smart enough” to either randomize or just run the second flex schedule on a different day? By shortening the time I mean that the last zones could be watering close to mid morning and in the summer it could be fairly hot by then evaporating the water before it soaks in.

If your goal is to never have the flex zones run on the same day, I guess a work around could be setting one flex schedule to odd days, and one to even days. On the surface I don’t see any issues with that. Flex will always look ahead to the next available watering day to see if it can make it, but in this case it will only be one day out, so I’m assuming it should work correctly. Worth a try?

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I have 2 but that is because I have drips.

I would suggest throwing all non-drip,bubbler, etc zones in a single flex.

The first time it runs they all run together, but that is the only time that has happened for me, all my zones in a flex end up running on different days. Your mileage my vary, but I just wanted to pint that out, else you should go with @franz.

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Thank You for the replies and suggestions! I am still learning where all of these options are but I am finding the ones mentioned.