Does gen3 use PWS?


rachio support can do it on their end right now, having a nice power user option to do the same in app would be great but i don’t know if adding complexity is something rachio wants to do…


It would, but we would die the death of a thousand cuts if we had to continue adding small workarounds like this. I’ve also heard overriding precip, overriding ET, etc. I’d rather have the underlying systems working than having to allow these types of overrides. I can just see people fat fingering this data and then other things go awry :wink:



I would like to know if you are going to back port this into gen 2 devices?


I just upgraded to Gen 3 controller and my longtime PWS is also not showing in the map or list when trying to select a specific PWS. Is WU still working on this issue? Thanks!


Me too. I have a customer with a Rachio2, and he wants to use his PWS he has attached to Wunderground. So far, not possible. This would be a great feature I would sign up for myself… I just installed a 2, but I would take it back and get 3 if this is not going to happen on the 2 in the future.


Message me his wunderground station id, it’s very much possible to use it with Gen 1/2.


@Gene One word.


For me… problem solved!!!


Can you add my PWS to rachio??



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