Do not water times

It would be nice to be able to set specific times when I do not want to lawn to be watered.
For example not past 10am on a summer day, who wants to lay on a wet grass.
Or do not water between 4pm at 8pm as we will be in our backyard today, or everyday, or just on the weekend.

I see you have a start watering time and usually this is set for 3,4 or 5am which is the most likely timeto water anyway. but who wants to be sprinkled on during a nice afternoon after a morning watering delay?


They should allow time ranges. Ie. water from 4am - 6am, and 8 am to 10 am or something like that. Running multiple showers in the morning is a problem for many people with the sprinklers running.

I’m pretty sure this is in the backlog, @benblackmer?

Thanks @plainsane. Yes, it’s in the backlog. Appreciate all the thoughts!

What is the backlog?

Feature requests that they prioritize to work on next

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