Discrepancy between Rachio's usage and my water company's numbers

I just received a letter from my water company saying I’ve used 201,000 gallons since January while my Rachio app says I’ve used 100,000 gallons.

Any idea why the difference?

Here’s how Rachio determines the amount of water used. There are 2 major factors, the output of your nozzles and the sq footage of the areas that they treat. Those two variables are things that you can fine-tune to get a more reliable estimate. Does your water company provide you a water usage for just your irrigation? Or is that for your entire household?

How Rachio Calculates Water Usage


They sent me water irrigation used per month, and it is almost exactly double what the Rachio says it used.

You might want to check for any leaks in the system and possibly have the meter replaced in the can. My brother is the field operations manager for a rural water system. He tells me meters need to be replaced periodically depending on age and type or manufacturer.

@graciany Do you have any zones that are for drip lines?


Will ask. Thanks.