Discrep between Watering History and Moisture Levels

Curious about something I noticed just now… I’ve been watching two of my zones (both flower beds) because Flex seems to want to water them more than I am used to (3 of the past 4 days). As of last night, both zones (2 and 6) were definitely scheduled to run today.

According to the watering history, zone 2 started, finished, and shows up as having done so in the Moisture Levels chart. Zone 6 though (“Flower Beds - North Side”) shows to have started, doesn’t seem to have logged a “completed” entry, and doesn’t show up on the moisture levels chart.

The moisture level of zone 6 shows to be at the depletion mark (shouldn’t be if it actually watered today, which I’m unfortunately not sure). Both 2 and 6 are currently scheduled to turn on the day after tomorrow… I can understand that based on the chart of zone 2, but would have expected 6 to schedule tomorrow as far as the chart is concerned.

Not aware of any electrical or iNet hiccups this morning while 6 was theoretically running, but can’t be positive. Anyway, not sure which to believe… The history or the chart…


@jas0420, thanks for reaching out. You should believe both the graph and your history. I believe what you experienced is the result of a partial outage we experienced this morning. For details, please see this post.

In short, on flex schedules, any missed irrigation completed events unfortunately will not be applied to the overall zone irrigation, and the Iro might potentially want to re-apply those missed events tonight if your moisture level graphs are approaching allowed depletion.

We apologize for the hiccup. Let me know if there’s any other questions or concerns we can assist with.

Best, Emil

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Thank you for the reply and explanation Emil

@jas0420, happy to help. Do you have any other questions related to Moisture Level graphs that I can assist with?

Actually, I do. :slight_smile:

What would you recommend as the best approach to tweaking what Flex is doing? I love the concept and want to stick with it, but I think I have a couple of zones that need some tinkering. One could use a little more frequent water it looks like, and one a little less.

Should I adjust the allowed depletion? The amount of sun? The zone that could use a little more frequent water, I CAN just mimic another zone (slope, sun, etc) that has so far been on a schedule close to what I think the other probably should be on… So mostly just curious about best practices from your standpoint.


@jas0420 This might help with tuning.

IMHO if you want to water less frequently sun exposure is essentially free since it doesn’t change run time, it just assumes a lower rate of evapotranspiration.

If you want to water more frequently, you could try manipulating MAD. It also depends on the crop type. If not grass, the root zone depth is powerful in changing frequency (but also duration).

One of the cool things is modifying these values on a zone, and then going to the calendar or moisture graph, and seeing immediate forecasted changes :wink:

Hope this helps



Thank you Franz, that doc answered every single curiosity that I had!

FWIW, you and @emil are a special breed of awesome… This board just oozes with customer support and passion from the two of you. I know that can be a very tough gig, but you’ve definitely both got it figured out. Looking forward to watching your product grow as a result!


Today is my first day where I started using Flex schedules and I’m not sure if the system ran. If I look at the watering history it does not show anything happened this morning. So I’m experiencing some discrepancies.

Notice nothing ran today.

However when I look at the moisture graph it shows that a flex ran on the 18th:

So I’m not sure if my system watered today or not. Also when I look at the iOS app and go to the water use graphs it shows no water usage for the 18th. Does this mean it skipped today? This is concerning since today we are expecting extreme heat where I live and was hoping my lawn would get watered this AM.

Please reach out to [support@rachio.com]. They will be able to review your account and give feedback.



Done thanks.

Great thanks, they will be able to take care of ya :wink:


@huydnguyen, good afternoon. I just wanted to follow up to let you know @kevinro is reviewing your account. Thank you for reaching out to Rachio Support.