Discontinued flow meter

Seems like a system without a flow meter would be worthless.
Big mistake.
Can’t recommend Rachio with out one.

Hey @80corvette!

I’m glad to hear that you enjoy the Flow Meter :slight_smile: Rachio controllers will continue to work without the Wireless Flow Meter and is still compatible with other wired flow meters.


Makes me a little worried. Is Rachio in for the long haul? Winners never quit and losers never win.

No need to worry. We’re here to stay @skmont :slight_smile: We’re working on better aligning with our mission to make things easy to use and personally rewarding for customers. We’re not going anywhere!



I’d be curious to hear your reasons why you feel this way…why do you feel the system is “worthless” without the flow meter?

I’m bummed that it is gone, but the system is FAR from worthless without it…


Wow! What a shortsighted decision for the thousands of current and future customers, who have/will have flow meters installed in standard configurations. For a respected high tech company whose mission is to provide solutions - to throw in the towel and cease flow meter production is unbelievable.

I absolutely love your product and have benefited from it numerous times this summer. Recommend you reconsider your decision.

Disappointed in Parkville Missouri

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Based on the other thread, I’m not sure it was really up to Rachio. Seems as though the company that manufactured this for them might be doing their own thing, possibly leaving Rachio without an option at this time.

Hey @Gman!

Thank you for the feedback! I’m so happy to hear that you love the WFM and that it’s come in handy already this summer :slight_smile:

We have no plans of cutting support of the WFM and will continue to provide necessary software and firmware updates as needed! Those who have the product installed don’t need to worry and can continue with business as usual.


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I have rear and front valves sets,can two flow meters work at the same time with this unit?
I’m using one Rachio 16 for all valves but the sets have their own water supplies.

Hey @Ocitown :slight_smile:

You can use the WFM with two backflow preventers. Here’s a quick diagram to help diagnose!


How does the app know which station would be leaking when using two flow meters?
Did you designate each meter to a group of stations/valves within the app?

Thank You!

Hey @Ocitown!

When the controller is running a zone the WFM is actively monitoring against the baseline that was set during calibration. The initial calibration is what identifies the zone’s expected behavior. And you are correct, the valve is designated to the flow meter during calibration.


As I was thinking about this it really does not matter which flow valve it uses,you would be notified by station and that’s what’s needed.
So I have two groups of valves 120’ feet apart using two flow meters.
I’m reading now that Rachio only supports one master valve?

Is this correct?
It supports two flow meters but only one MV?
Are these master valves wired or wireless like the FM’s?
If they are wired can’t they just be wired together into the controller?


Hey @laura.bauman. I see in your diagram that my scenario with 2 controllers, 1 backflow and 1 flow meter isn’t supported. Now that the product is discontinued, should I expect that scenario will never be supported? If so, how do I go about returning the flow meter? This is all disappointing to see.

Master valves are typically just another sprinkler diaphragm valve installed upstream of the zone valves. They are usually wired, although there are a couple wireless units out there, but I can’t speak for their usefulness.

Technically you could wire in two master valves to the MV terminal on Rachio, as Rachio can fire up to 3 valves at once if tied together (two master valves and one zone valve). BUT when you run any zone, regardless of which MV it is behind, both master valves will be open.

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Hey @WhiteFang34!

So sorry for the disappointment. Unfortunately this can’t be supported. More details on returns here.