Disabling Pump Control

Have a Rachio 3 16 zone controlling an irrigation pump and 9 valves. Would like to control another valve w/o starting the pump. I don’t see where the controller will let me do this. Any ideas?

I do not have a pump, but do not believe you can have some valves on a pump and others not (from the Rachio controller’s perspective).

@GoDucks - this can be accomplished by adding in a Single Pole Single Throw Normally Closed relay switch. Run the Pump Start line through the relay’s pole and normally closed terminals with zone 10’s (?) zone wire running to one of the coil wires and then on to the valve. The other side of the solenoid coil will go to a Common terminal on the Rachio.

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@DLane and I have helped @aristobrat with a similar request in the past, back then we’ve recommended a 4 channel SPST relay module available on amazon:

Setup looks like this and supports override for up to 4 zones (more if you use more than one).

Normally master power goes through all of the normally closed connections, out to motor relay.
Should one of the zones in question activate, it will reroute the signal from going out to the pump relay, to going to the zone instead. Personally I’d recommend going this route, even if you never end up using it for more than one zone as connectivity is a bit more straight forward.

Here is how it looks setup, photo credit to @aristobrat


Knock on wood, but this implementation has been running perfectly.


Thanks. That is good to know. I am going to see if it works for me too.

Yep. Maybe in Rachio 4?