Disabled zones

I disabled all my zones and now I can’t enable them. It won’t let me click on each zone to “enable”.

You can’t do it from the schedule. You have to go to irrigation tab, zones, then click each zone to “enable”

That is what I did. Normally you can click on each zone and open them up so you can enable, but it won’t let me click on any of the zones.
I dis click on irrigation and then clicked on zones. What you see in the two pics is what I get. I don’t see the grassy separate zones you normally see.

@Tee - go to the “irrigation” tab and select “show disabled” at the bottom of the zones screen select a specific disable zone by tapping on the zone card. At the top of the screen, toggle on the “disabled” option

Omg. Slap me in the head. :crazy_face: I was clicking on irrigation’s and then clicking on schedules and then the zones.
Thanks soooo much!

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