Disabled 1 of 2 schedules still both watered, wetting project equipment

I have two schedules set up (both for 4am); one zone set for every day, and the other five zones for every other day. Both schedules work fine even with the same start times, until this one time when it was very important for the five zone schedule to not water. I used the app on my phone to disable the five zone scheduled for the next day and it showed grayed out disabled. Woke up this morning and found that the project materials and equipment, along with the lawn application were watered. App now shows enabled and notified as watered on what would have been the regular schedule day for both schedules. Scott

What app (WEB, IOS, Android) did you use to disable the schedule? I have had problems in the past with changes made via the WEB app not “taking” so I always exit the browser and return and check.

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Android. Thought I did look purely out of curiosity, but have been mistaken before.

Hey Scott-
Sorry for any inconvenience this caused, that sounds like a defect. I’ll talk to our tech team and take a look at your device logs to see if I can figure out what happened!
McKynzee :rachio: