Disable zone in watering schedule

We have had painters here this week and had to prevent watering that would wet what they were doing.

That was not really a problem, I just turned off the zones that needed not to be watered. But when you do that the watering time you had set is “lost”. It would be nice if it were possible to disable the zone but keep the watering times. That way you don’t have to write them down and enter them when the zone is turned back on.

@sbillard, just to clarify, when you disabled the zones, were they all on the same watering schedule? i.e. let’s say you disabled zones 5-8, did the lost watering schedule only have zones 5-8 on it?

In the future, I’d recommend disabling the watering schedule and not the zones. I think what might have happened is by disabling the zones, the schedule disappeared since all of the zones assigned to it were no longer available.

If you enabled any of the zones, does the watering schedule recreate itself?

Thanks, Emil

I have one watering schedule for pots–a drip system. It has three zones for three different sets of pots in different locations. The “back pots” are hung from an overhead that was being painted. The pots were taken down for the painting.

Being pots these need to be watered daily. But watering the “back pots” was a problem. First the water would have messed up the painting. Second, the pots were moved so would not get watered anyway. (They got hand watering.)

Disabling the schedule would have stopped all the pots from being watered–not good. Turning off the “back pots” did the trick, but also lost the memory of what their watering duration should be. (I knew this would happen, so wrote down the figure.) Disabling the “back pots” would presumably remembered their watering duration for when they got re-enabled.

Of course I could simply setup a separate schedule for each of the “pots”. Could setup separate schedules for each zone. But if that is the recommended approach why allow multiple zones in a schedule in the first place?

BTW, my “grass” schedule also has multiple zones, but since all zones can over spray the house they all got turned off while the painting was done. For that I disabled the schedule.