Disable schedules for any arbitrary single day

I have two schedules, one that runs every day and one that runs every other day. They both run early in the AM. Tomorrow, I want to mow the lawn and I don’t want wet grass. I went to the Web interface and clicked tomorrow’s date box in the Calendar widget expecting to see a checkbox or something to disable the schedules from running for that day. But no such feature exists. Instead, I had to manually disable the schedules themselves.

This is sub-optimal since, if I don’t remember to reenable them the sprinklers won’t run at all.

I was thinking that when you click a day/box on the Calendar, a “self resetting” switch labeled “Don’t run any schedules on this day” would be pretty handy. Ideally it would turn off after the day had passed so next year it doesn’t not-run again.

Something that’d look like this maybe:

Also worth noting, if you disable a schedule in the Web UI, there is no way to reenable it. You can with the Android App, but not the web interface…

Go to the top of the app and choose Rain Delay 1 day - that will keep any schedule fixed or flex from running.


@RocketSled Good idea! As @ssindelman pointed out, this functionality does currently exist as a Manual Rain Delay. You can read more and find instructions for how to set a manual rain delay on our Support Article here:

Thanks Shaun!

Rain delay is great but having the function RocketSled suggested would be great too.

Here is my reason. I have family coming this Saturday. I wanted to go into Rachio yesterday, Sunday, to tell my system not to water on Friday since I was thinking about it. I didn’t want to miss my watering on Monday and Wednesday. Instead I have to remember to go in on Wednesday or Thursday to tell it to delay. It would be much nicer if I could have just gone into the calendar yesterday and told the system not to water this Friday.


I used Rain Delay the other day. But I remembered to activate it at around 2am. I wanted one day delay so I could mow the grass in the morning. But when I selected 1 day delay it showed the next day as disabled (in the calendar widget, the “rain drop” icon goes grey). It took me a few moments to realize it was 24 hours from when I activated it and that it would do what I wanted. In hindsight that makes sense but at the time it wasn’t obvious to me.

But GregE’s comments are sort of what I was thinking. I plan to have a party on Sunday. I don’t want the sprinklers to run. But it’s the Wednesday before. I have to wait until Saturday night to input the 1 day rain delay. If I forget to set the delay, in my haste to prepare for the following day’s festivities, we party on wet grass. I should be able to click somewhere in a particular day’s square in the calendar widget and disable just that specific day’s schedules. Midnight to Midnight.

A feature something like, clicking the rain drop in a particular day disables that day or reenables it if it’s disabled.