Disable feature does not seem to work

I have had lots of problems disabling zones from both the my yard (by zone) section and now I noticed that disabling the schedule does not work either.

By zone, I could disable one but if I tried to disable another zone it would not accept it. I think the second disable does not work because it is part of a schedule including the first zone that I disabled.

I also noticed today that the Edit Schedule enable/disable button does not work.

During the winter I usually disable everything because plants need to go dormant regardless of how much rain.

Hi @alexh-

I’m sorry you are having issues disabling your zones and schedules- do you mind telling me if you encountered this on our Web app, iPhone app, or Android app?

McKynzee :rachio:

yes, the web based app. tried it again and no luck. Using Firefox browser. The blue button does not respond.

Tried IE and the Blue button does respond but the Enable/Disable text does not change.

And a disabled zone can’t be manually operated. Would be nice to see this fixed at some point.

“And a disabled zone can’t be manually operated. Would be nice to see this fixed at some point”

yes and in fact if 2 or more zones are on a program you can’t really manually test because you would have to run through the entire program for the first zone(s). My conventional timer had a next button to advance the zones within a program. Of course this necessitated running from the garage to the valve to verify but that is better than having to run through an entire program.

I made a program I called “test” and set it for 1 min and I change the zone to the one I want to test. Now I can’t even use that because it’s normally disabled and now I can’t enable it.

@alexh- After trying to replicate the issues you ran into with disabling zones and schedules on the web app, I was able to replicate what your experienced. I will make sure to get this to our team, however in the meantime, I would recommend doing this on the mobile app until we have fixed the issue!

@a0128958 and @alexh, can I ask why you are running zones that are disabled? I am curious of the situation you would need this in!

Example: My wife planted all new plants in zone 3. She wants complete control of watering this zone for a few months. All of my zones are part of an automatic everything program. I disabled the zone, thinking it could still be manually watered. Not the case, using either web app or mobile app (that I could figure out).

I ended up changing all of the zone 3 configuration parameters such that it won’t be automatically watered for a long time interval. Meanwhile this gives me access to manually watering zone 3.

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Hey Bill-

Got it, that makes sense. Thank you!

My recommendation in that situation would probably be to just remove the zone from your schedule, but I can also see how disabling it would be a god solution as well.