"Device Updates" details are lacking

Installed a Rachio Gen 2 on 07/09/2016 on or about 11:29 AM EDT - there’s an entry on the “Device Updates” window reading " Device status power cycle"

At 12.49 PM EDT, same day, another entry - “Device status power cycle”. But there’s no other information ! After checking other posts here, I see one of the reasons for that is the device rebooting itself when it cannot reach a wireless network. But I just don’t know if that’s the reason - or if there was a firmware update (that prompted a reboot), OR a power spike on that line (that forced, again, a reboot), nothing. There was no power outage at my home at that time.

Can you guys add a simple “REASON:” line to that message? AS said before, so it is more clear why the device rebooted - “REASON: FIRMWARE UPDATE”, “REASON: ASSERTION FAILED, LINE #2233”, “REASON: WIFI CONNECTION LOST”, and so on ??

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Great suggestion. I want to see the same. My device power cycled yesterday and it would be good to know why. Power outage, some other reason?

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Me three!

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