Device status online/offline/offline

Every 24 hours and 15 minutes, my device goes offline for 5-10 minutes, then comes back online. It is either intentional (it can’t be random) by Rachio or my ISP. Is it Rachio?

@joeslat‌ This almost sounds like the ISP issuing a new IP address (DHCP). Can you try using a static IP address for the Iro and see if this resolves the issue? Thanks!

Just curious. How do you assign a static IP address to an Iro? Thanks.

@bgd Great question, I believe it is specific to your router. For example, here is an example using a Netgear router.

That’s for my router, not for my Iro, no?

@bgd, yes, the only way to set a static IP would be through the router if it is supported.

@franz‌ Emil has just asked me to do something similar.

I’ve just made a lengthy reply to Emil (apologies if I’m boring him to tears), about a couple of questions regarding the feasibility of this.