Detailed Weather Station Forecast

I am requesting that add a detailed view of the selected weather stations’s seven day forecast be made available when clicking on the cloud graphics for the forecast. I’d like to pause the planned Rachio run if a decent amount of rain is forecasted and have Rachio resume watering if only a small amount occurs. Right now, I see rain in the forecast for tomorrow, I have no idea how much. Rachio is scheduled to run at midnight and I can’t see what it is basing the run on since the weather station is showing rainfall on the same day. There have been other days like this and Rachio has run despite the rain, it makes sense if it will be low amounts, but I’d like to see what amounts it is basing the decision on.

Thanks for the feedback @garyjnj1! I think there a couple ways we could improve how we show weather reporting to aid in weather station selection and explaining why your schedule is doing what it’s doing. I will log this idea for the team :slight_smile: